Hard Disk Low Level Format Tool 4.40

Formats hard disks using low-level formatting procedure
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Formats hard disks (SATA, SSD, IDE, SCSI, etc.), SD cards, memory sticks, Firewire drives, and CompactFlash media devices using low-level formatting procedures.

As its name suggests, this program can help you perform low-level formats. Although it is intended for hard disks, it can also work on USB flash-memory devices. Moreover, some users report that it was useful to recover pen drives that appeared to be permanently damaged. Although it is true that low-level formatting is an infrequent operation, it can be necessary to solve problems on your drives like those caused by traumatic events that make your disks unresponsive. Similarly, low-level formatting can be used to wipe the data on a disk and eliminate all chances that they can be recovered, which is crucial for preserving your privacy.

The application has a simple yet unattractive interface. In just two steps, you can have a given disk formatted. All it takes is choosing the disk and starting the low-level format. As an additional option, instead of making a complete format, you can ask the program to perform a quick wipe, which means that only existing partitions and the master boot record will be removed while no changes will be actually made on the disk surface. Moreover, you can also check the details as well as the S.M.A.R.T. data (if available) about your device. Unfortunately, once you have picked a device from the initial screen, you cannot go back to select another one, so you should quit the program and restart it instead. more

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  • It is easy to use
  • It can help you recover unresponsive drives
  • It provides S.M.A.R.T data about your drives
  • It can be used for free


  • The interface is not attractive
  • It does not let you go back to pick another device
  • It shows a registration screen every time you run it

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Heather Aymond
Will it force formatting a USB drive that has right protected files on it?

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I have low formatted my another mobile harddisk, but now it wiped the data. Can I recover the MBR and partition data?

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The low level format tool allowed me to detect the health of my existing hard drive and make necessary backups in time. It also was very easy to securely erase my confidential data from the hard drive using this tool.

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